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LFA 2019, Building Boundaries & Belvederes

London Festival of Architecture, Building Boundaries & Belvederes

"Boundaries are actually the main factor in space, just as the present, another boundary, is the main factor in time." Eduardo Chillida

As part of the London Festival of Architecture, Proctor & Matthews invite you to join them for an exhibition and evening symposium where they will be joined by leading academics, practitioners and researchers for a panel discussion.

The definition of space through boundary treatments is fundamental to architecture and placemaking. Historically, boundaries of natural materials have created enclosure and signified shelter within otherwise open and wild landscapes. From the landscapes of Italian Renaissance paintings to the vernacular traditions of rural Britain, the treatment of boundaries in architecture has long been intertwined with concepts of regional and civic identity as well as expressions of the fundamental human need for security and protection.

Over a 30-year exploration of neighbourhood design and identity, Proctor and Matthews has developed a complex understanding and a nuanced approach to the roles of boundaries in placemaking. Many of the practice’s projects have focussed on the definition of settlement edges, investigating threshold conditions at the interface of public and private realms and articulating the delicate balance between inner inhabited or domesticated worlds and ‘wild landscapes’ beyond. The moments when boundaries become belvederes.

Building Boundaries and Belvederes Exhibition 
5th-9th June 11am - 6pm 

6th June 6-9pm 

Speakers Include: 
Husam AlWaer, Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Urban Design and Evaluation, University of Dundee 
Stephen Proctor & Andrew Matthews, Directors, Proctor & Matthews Architects

Further speakers to be announced.

Booking for the symposium is essential, admission is free on the link below. 


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